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How would it feel to dominate your market?

In 2020, when potential customers look for a business, a product or a solution, they rarely consult yellow pages or drive around the city looking for banners and signs anymore.

They hop on the internet and do a quick google search, ending up choosing not just the first website, but the one that is most convincing.

A strong website tailored to your market will convert your visitors into customers like a funnel. You will ultimately:

Why businesses end up closing

Day-by-day, businesses close down due to the most overlooked reasons:

Website builders vs. Hiring an expert

Reading this, you may be tempted to use those quick online website builders. Homemade websites are great! The difference however is that an expert:

Who I am & Dominating your market

I am a result-oriented web designer and digital marketing consultant.

Having worked in marketing firms, pursuing a degree in design and working for numerous clients, I have learned to develop the skills and a strong taste in design, online marketing and copywriting. All the recipes for a successful business website.

The expertise took years of trial and error to perfect, money was involved, ultimately giving me the ability to formulate the best website, copy and marketing plan to launch a business’s online presence, making customers choose you over the other low-cost competitors.

There’s a catch

The only catch is that you equally have a thirst for growth, you don’t want to stall, you want your business to grow into a “real” business, with the best SEO and a strong online presence that presents itself way better than your competitors.

If you any of these ring true to you, sweet! It’s time for us to collaborate and take your business to the next step.

-Steven Andria

My Services

Digital Marketing & SEO

Your customers will only click on the top results after doing a google search, this ensures you stay on top despite competitors.

Website Design

A website created by a seasoned designer increases your customer's trust, the same way customers are willing pay extra at a restaurant that looks fancy.

Listings Management

Get your business listed in all the essential places to make sure you're always with your customers.

Social Media Management

Get your business social media profiles managed, with smart post scheduling and custom designed graphics.


The ability to use written word to make someone take action. Emails, newsletters, social media posts, landing pages, they won't sell without great copywriting.

Landing Pages

An attractive landing page that is designed to draw your potential customer into buying your product or signing-up for your professional services.